Canadian Spitfire pilots

The overwhelming majority of the Canadians that came to serve in the RAF during the Second World War were of British ancestry. Some had emigrated to Canada in their childhood, others had parents or grandparents from Britain and others were descendants of the British who moved to Canada in the early years of it becoming a country.

They had a fierce loyalty to what they considered their 'motherland'. They served in all types of RAF planes both in Fighter and Bomber Command.

112 Canadians flew fighter planes during the Battle of Britain period. Some in the RCAF and others in the RAF. 23 Canadian pilots lost their lives during the battle, the first was Pilot Officer Hewitt from New Brunswick who was flying a Hurricane. Another 30 who survived the battle would later die in the war years that followed.

Canadian Airmen that fought in the Battle of Britain in Spitfires & Hurricanes and were killed, or who fought in the Battle of Britain but were killed in later action. The majority of the pilots were in their early to mid 20s. Number is the Squadron they flew in. DFC - Distinguished Flying Cross. CMC - Czechoslovakian Military Cross. Rank and squadron are from the time of the Battle of Britain, in some cases at the time of death they were in other squadrons or had been promoted eg from Squadron Leader to Wing Commander.

Beley W.G. Pilot Officer 151 Killed 12.08/1940, buried Margate Cemetery.
Benzie J. Pilot Officer 242 Killed 07/09/1940, no known grave, Runnymede Memorial, from Winnipeg, Manitoba
Blatchford H.P. Flying Officer DFC 17, 257 Killed 03/05/1943, no known grave, Runnymede Memorial, from Edmonton, Alberta
Bon-Seigneur C.A. Pilot Officer 257 Killed 03/09/1940, Saffron Weldon Cemetery, from Regina, Saskatchewan
Boyle J.G. Flying Officer 41 Killed 28/09/1940, Lynsted (SS Peter and Paul) New Churchyard, from Ottawa, Ontario
Brown M.K. Pilot Officer 242 Killed 21/02/1941, Ipswich New Cemetery, from Kincardine, Ontario
Brown M.H. Flight Lieutenant DFC CMC 1 (RCAF) Killed 12/11/1941, Catania War Cemetery, Sicily, Italy
Bryson J. Pilot Officer 92 Killed 24/09/1940, North Weald Bassett (St Andrew Churchyard) from Montreal, Quebec
Campbell N.N. Pilot Officer 242 Killed 17/10/1940, Scottow Cemetery, from St Thomas, Ontario
Cochrane A.C. Pilot Officer DFC 257 Killed 31/03/1943, no known grave, Malta Memorial, from Vancouver, British Columbia
Corbett G.H. Pilot Officer 66 Killed 08/10/1940, Upchurch (St Mary Churchyard), from Oak Bay, Victoria, British Columbia
Edmond N.D. Pilot Officer 615 Killed 20/04/1941, North Weald Bassett (St Andrew Churchyard), from Calgary, Alberta
Edwards R.L. Flying Officer 1(RCAF),401 Killed 26/08/1940, Brookwood Military Cemetery
Edwards H.D. Pilot Officer 92 Killed 11/09/1940, Hawkinge Cemetery, from Winnipeg, Manitoba
Gaunce L.M. Flight Lieutenant 615 Killed 19/11/1941, no known grave, Runnymede Memorial
Gordon J.A.G. Squadron Leader 151 Killed 01/06/1942, no known grave, Runnymede Memorial
Hamilton H.R Flight Lieutenant 85 Killed 29/08/1940, Hawkinge Cemetery, from Oak Point, King's Co, New Brunswick
Hart N. Pilot Officer 242 Killed 05/11/1940, no known grave, Runnymede Memorial
Hewitt D.A. Pilot Officer 501 Killed 12/07/1940, no known grave, Runnymede Memorial
Howley R.A. Pilot Officer 141 Killed 19/07/1940, no known grave, Runnymede Memorial from Newfoundland
Johnston J.T. Pilot Officer 151 Killed 15/08/1940, Hawkinge Cemetery, from Brandon, Manitoba
Kerwin B.V. Flying Officer 1(RCAF),401 Died ?(Only Kerwin listed in RCAF is JW Kerwin, died 1942, Fort Richardson Post Cemetery / Alaska, from Toronto Canada
Laricheliere E.P Pilot Officer 213 Killed 16/08/1940, no known grave, Runnymede Memorial
Latta J.B. Pilot Officer DFC 242 Killed 12/01/1941, no known grave, Runnymede Memorial, from Victoria, British Columbia
Lewis R.G. Pilot Officer 1(RCAF),401 Killed 05/02/1941, no known grave, Runnymede Memorial
Little T.B. Flying Officer 1(RCAF),401 Killed 27/08/1941, no known grave, Runnymede Memorial, from Montreal Quebec
Lochnan P.W. Flying Officer 1(RCAF),401 Killed 21/05/1941, Brookwood Military Cemetery, from Ottawa
McKnight W.L. Pilot Officer DFC & Bar 242 Killed 12/01/1941, no known grave, Runnymede Memorial, from Edmonton, Alberta 
Peterson O.J Flying Officer 1(RCAF),401 Killed 27/09/1940, Brookwood Military Cemetery, from Halifax, Nova Scotia
Reilley H.W. Pilot Officer 64, 66 Killed 17/10/1940, Gravesend Cemetery, from London, Ontario
Sclanders K.M. Pilot Officer 242 Killed 09/09/1940, Whyteleafe (St Luke Churchyard), from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Smither R. Flying Officer 1(RCAF),401 Killed 15/09/1940, Brookwood Military Cemetery, from London, Ontario
Tamblyn H.N. Pilot Officer DFC 242, 141 Killed 03/04/1941, Ipswich Cemetery from Watrous, Saskatchewan
Trueman A.A.G. Flying Officer 253 Killed 04/09/1940, Whyteleafe (St Luke Churchyard) from Sackville, New Brunswick
Walker J.R. Pilot Officer 611, 41 Killed 16/11/1940, no known grave, Runnymede Memorial, from Oak Bay, British Columbia
Wallace C.A.B. Pilot Officer 3 Killed 27/10/1941, no known grave, Runnymede Memorial, from Victoria, British Columbia
Walsh J.J. Pilot Officer 615 Died 02/03/1941, Naval Cemetery, Malta, from Bassano, Alberta
Watson F.S. Pilot Officer 3 Killed 11/10/1941, Scopwick Burial Ground (Lincs) from Winnipeg, Manitoba
Wilson R.R. Pilot Officer 111 Killed 11/08/1941, no known grave, Runnymede Memorial from Moncton, New Brunswick

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